What are Daily Earnings Options?

When a new citizen joins empowr, their earnings are set to the Bronze daily earning option, which comes at no upfront cost to them (see below). Once they understand how empowr works, they can adjust their daily earnings option to their preference and receive a 30-day free trial to try any and all daily earnings options that they wish: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

They can adjust their Daily Earnings preference simply by adjusting a lever (either left or right).  




When a user chooses to adjust their Daily Earnings lever, empowr will run the user through the adjustment process. A user can adjust their Daily Earnings lever at any time.  

If a user would like to adjust their Daily Earnings to earn more, they can simply drag the lever to the right.  If the user would like to earn less, they can drag the lever to the left.

The Daily Earnings settings will allow the user to choose their Daily earnings amount, in relation to the required out-of-pocket expenses.  This allows the user to be fully aware and in control of their earnings preferences.


It’s important to note that the Daily Earnings and Out-of-Pocket expenses are dependent upon your client’s Power Level.  The higher the Power Level, the higher their Daily earnings potential.

Based on your clients earning preferences, the system will provide them with a recommended Daily Earning Option.  There are 4 Daily Earning Options (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum).  Once empowr generates a recommended Daily Earning Option, the user can still ultimately choose whichever option they see fit.

Every citizen is entitled to a free 30-day trial.






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