What is the Circle of Trust?


What is the Circle of Trust?


empowr launched the “Circle of Trust” as way for users to create and build 2-way (reciprocal) trusted relationships with other citizens.  The more trusted relationships that you build and maintain, the more your Circle of Trust expands. In order to build relationships, you must “close the loop” with others by either sharing their posts or bidding/buying the items they are selling or sponsoring. 

Your Circle of Trust is made up with those empowr citizens who you have built reciprocal relationships with.  These are the people that you trust most, because you continuously help each other to earn.


How does it work?

You earn when your posts get viewed.

Your earnings increase when more people view your posts, so you want your posts shared as much as possible.

The more people you "close the loop" with, the more people share your posts (and the more you earn).


What is "closing the loop" and how do I do it?

"Closing the loop" with someone means sharing some of their posts (which helps them earn).

To close the loop with someone, follow the instructions inside the loop at the top of their profile:


Summary: The more people you "close the loop" with, the more people will share your posts and the more you earn.


Bonus tips


Don't fall out: Have you noticed that only people are presented to you that have posted recently? If you don't post anything new, you'll stop being presented to anyone. So ABP (Always Be Posting) to make sure you are always being presented to others.

Closing the loop gets you seen: People aren't presented to you again until they've closed the loop back with you. On your end, that means that until you close the loop with someone, you won't be shown to them again. So try to close the loop with each person presented before moving on.

Location accuracy matters: You'll notice people shown to you will get closer and closer to you geographically as more people join empowr. This will enable you to meet more of them in-person. It will also enable you to receive services from them (paying with your empowr earnings) and totally wipe out shipping costs when you buy products from them.


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